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Les Fleurs de Bach Presence(s) de Bachs Natural Perfume - 55 ml

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Presence(s) de Bachs Natural Perfume is the first brand of perfume to use Bachs organic healing flower and herb essences, creating a perfume that benefits your mind, body and soul, as well as making you smell great! 

Presence(s) de Bach has an uplifting, fresh and floral scent. This beautifully blended perfume is relaxing, promoting a feeling of enhanced communication with others around you and inner reconciliation. Thanks to the Bachs flower and herb essences, you will enjoy a renewed and positive outlook on life, leading to calm and inner peace.

Highly concentrated for a long-lasting scent.

Top notes: Vervain and Clematis, 

Heart notes: Wild Rose and Honeysuckle,

Base notes: Pine, Oak and Crab Apple. 

Vervain is a remedy for over-enthusiasm, whilst Clematis is for those for dream in the future without working in the present. Therefore, the top notes have calming, balancing, relaxing and grounding properties. 

Wild Rose is used to combat drifting, resignation and apathy, whilst Honeysuckle is for those stuck living in the past. These heart notes promote a positive and renewed outlook. 

Base notes of Pine, Crab Apple and Oak combine to combat negativity, healthy boundaries and create inner peace. Pine is the remedy for guilt, crab apple is for cleansing and self-hatred, with oak for 'the plodder who keeps going beyond the point of exhaustion'. 

Les Fleurs de Bach products are all made using Bach’s original method and are therefore 400 times richer in active ingredients than similar homeopathic remedies which are labelled 5 times. All the Bach Flower Essences used in the products are certified organic by Ecocert. 

Les Fleurs de Bach only uses the best natural and organic ingredients; organic essential oils, organic corn alcohol and organic brandy.

No phenoxyethanol or parabens

Natural fragrance with organic Bach flower essences as certified by Ecocert

Size: 115 ml


alcohol, parfum, aqua (water), pinus sylvestris (pine) flower extract, malus sylvestris (crab apple) flower extract, quercus robur (oak) flower extract, rosa canina (wild rose) flower extract, lonicera caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower extract, verbena officinalis (vervain) flower extract, clematis vitalba (clematis) flower extract, limonene, linalol, lyral, geraniol, hydroxycitronnellal, coumarin, isoeugenol, citral