Eco By Sonya

Eco by Sonya was brought about after her sister developed melanoma. Sonya started to research the safety of fake tans and was horrified to discover the truth about the toxicity of the ingredients used to achieve fake tan. Sonya developed a safer tanning

alternative from her kitchen and made history in 2011 by becoming Australia’s first certified organic tan under the Australian Government’s strict Organic & Biodynamic standards.

Only natural and certified organic ingredients are used to create the natural honey glow produced in the products. Derived from Cacao, Red Grapes and Aloe Vera this natural tan includes no synthetic ingredients or GMOs whilst leaving the tan free of orange, green, violet tones.

Eco Tan's aim is to bring you a range of products that you will not only love, but also have

as little impact on Mother Nature as possible. Their multiple award-winning tanning range includes some superb body care products such as Pink Himalayan Scrub, Coconut Deodorant that deodorises with baking soda, coconut and mint body wash and lemongrass cleansing foam, so even if tanning is not your thing, Eco by Sonya will still delight you.


•             Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian Government (Certification process number 0660)

•             Certified Toxin Free with the Australian Safe Cosmetics Board

•             Accredited Vegan Tanning and Skincare

•             Accredited Choose Cruelty Free

•             Accredited under PETA’S Beauty without Bunnies

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