Eco by Sonya Extreme Exfoliant Glove

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Eco by Sonya's Extreme Exfoliant Glove removes dead, dull skin cells and self tan product to reveal smooth, fresh, rejuvenated and soft skin. Stimulate your lymph system by brushing over limbs and body in swift, firm strokes towards the heart. Made with plant fibres and eco dyed, this unisex body buffer can be used dry or with water, as well as with Eco By Sonya's Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub for truly amazing results. A crucial accessory for self tanning, it also unclogs pores, helps reduce acne, blackheads, milia and even cellulite. 

Directions for use: Use in the shower with water or one of Eco By Sonya's Body Washes, brushing skin evenly in a smooth, circular motion all over face and body.

Use 24-48 hours prior to self tan application for best results., as well as to remove self tan. 

Rinse after use and hang to dry. Can be hand washed if required. 

Size: one size