Karethic is an ethical brand founded, created and manufactured in France. Family owned and founded by two sisters, Carole & Glwadyss Tawema, Karethic is a cruelty-free shea based skincare brand that is certified by Ecocert, Organique Cosmetique and Fair trade. In addition, their Shea is also certified and guaranteed unrefined.

Founded in 2005, Karethic’s mission has been to promote the healing and nourishing properties of unrefined shea butter. They also wish to promote awareness about the cultural heritage of shea that has been handed down from generation to generation by thousands of female producers in Africa; the Shea tree is very much a part of African heritage and spirituality.

Karethic’s handmade Shea is produced in Benin, Africa by African women as part of 12 co-ops which are partners of Karethic Benin and its smaller company Terrethic France.

This unique and ethical brand guarantees its customers and clients pure, premium quality Shea and it’s amazing benefits, including the unmatched know-how of the female producers, from the raw material to the final product: a fresh butter, naturally purified and full of repairing properties.

Ethical, certified, sustainable and partnering with the women who produce the ingredient at the source, Karethic’s story is one of a kind.