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Les Fleurs de Bach Vivacite(s) de Bachs Natural Perfume - 115 ml

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Vivacite(s) de Bachs Natural Perfume is the first brand of perfume to use Bachs organic healing flower and herb essences, creating a perfume that benefits your mind, body and soul, as well as making you smell great! 

Presence(s) de Bach has a woody, energising, cheerful and spicy scent that will build up a sense of confidence, resulting in an enterprising mind, strengthened with an uplifting sense of renewed energy. This perfume will transform your inner feelings with joy, clarity and positive energy. The Bachs flowers making up this beautiful fragrance breathe a precious scent of clarity, joy and invigorating vitality.

Highly concentrated for a long-lasting scent.

Top notes: Gorse and Centaury, 

Heart notes: White Chestnut, Olive, Hornbeam,

Base notes: Larch and Mustard. 

The top note of Gorse invokes energy and renewed hope as a remedy, whilst the other, Centaury, creates inner strength and positivity. 

White Chestnut as a heart note helps clear and calm the mind, whilst Hornbeam is for strength and coping abilities. The final heart note, Olive, encourages vitality and renewed strength. 

Base note Larch is a confidence booster, with Mustard instilling joy, faith and clarity. 

Les Fleurs de Bach products are all made using Bach’s original method and are therefore 400 times richer in active ingredients than similar homeopathic remedies which are labelled 5 times. All the Bach Flower Essences used in the products are certified organic by Ecocert. 

Les Fleurs de Bach only uses the best natural and organic ingredients; organic essential oils, organic corn alcohol and organic brandy.

No phenoxyethanol or parabens

Natural fragrance with organic Bach flower essences as certified by Ecocert

Size: 115 ml


alcohol, parfum, aqua (water), Centaurium erythrea, Ulex europaeus, Olea europea, Carpinus betulus, Aesculus hippocastanum, Larix decidua, Sinapis arvensis,  limonene, linalol, lillial, Oakmoss extract, Tree moss extract