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Living Naturally

Living Naturally are a UK-based family-run business that focuses on using certified organic soapnuts to make eco-friendly and chemical free products, including solid shampoo bars, hand soaps and soapnut detergents for laundry and household use. Living Naturally's award-winning artisan soaps are made in the UK from plant-based materials.

Soapnuts are packed full of saponin, Mother Nature's original foaming agent...they literally grow on trees! Non toxic, completely natural, biodegradable and sustainable, soapnuts actually benefit sewer and drainage systems thanks to their anti-septic properties. Living Naturally uses a variety of soapnuts called Sapindus mukurossi, one of the ten varieties of sapindus (soapnut), due to its high yield of soap when mixed with water. Saponin is a mild insecticide with anti-bacterial qualities. Living Naturally only uses USDA and Ecocert-certified soapnuts for their soaps. . 

Soapnuts are hypoallergenic, suiting those with allergies and sensitive skin.The founders of Living Naturally, established in 2009, were recommended the use of soapnuts for their children's allergies, the eldest of which has autism. They were delighted to find that their children's eczema totally disappeared when they switched to using soapnuts for household use and personal care, and thus a business was born. Using Ayurvedic principles handed down from generations and herbalist expertise, the family handcraft these soaps with an aromatic and healing array of essential oils. 

The soaps are free from palm oil, SLS/SLES, phosphate, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, parabens or any other nasties, containing only natural and organic plant-based ingredients that benefit skin and treat a variety of skin ailments. 

Living Naturally's products fulfill the zero waste criteria by eliminating plastic packaging, whilst the natural formulas stop pollution of the water supply.