Miessence BioPure Probiotic Household Cleaning Concentrate

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Miessence BioPure is a vanilla scented, highly concentrated, all natural household and industrial cleaner that contains powerful probiotic bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants that break down dirt, grease and grime, as well as neutralising odours. BioPure continues to work even after application due to its living composition, which makes cleaning without chemicals a viable proposition. 

BioPure's probiotic properties ensure its total safety for humans and the environment, as well as its unique effectiveness as an active surface agent to ionize and digest organic matter for odour retention and surface cleaning. It is fully biodegradable and can be used safely in septic systems. BioPure is ideal for use as a general household cleaner, for floors, kitchen surfaces, areas prone to mould or mildew and bathrooms. 

BioPure works differently to anti-bacterial products which aim to kill bad bacteria. It is a probiotic cleaning fluid that utilises beneficial bacteria to repopulate and regenerate healthy bacteria which can then dominate pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. BioPure prevents the re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria when used regularly, whilst creating a natural, healthy and clean environment. 

BioPure is highly concentrated and requires dilution with non-chlorinated water before use. For best results, dilute 2 capfuls with 500 ml of non-chlorinated water (such as purified water or mineral water) and use the dilution within 30 days. For less frequent usage, dilute 1 capful in 250 ml of water and use also within 30 days. 

The MiEnviron 250 ml trigger spray bottle is available to purchase separately, or as part of a household cleaning pack, both of which are available in-store. 

Size: 125ml/4.3fl.oz

Packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Free from parabens (petrochemical preservatives) and GMOs. 

Animal cruelty free and suitable for vegans. 

This product is certified organic by BFA (Biological Farmers Of Australia), which certifies mineral-based products with a small percentage of organic ingredients. These non-agricultural substances such as clay, bicarbonate of soda or minerals, are subject to strict processing criteria (absolutely no GMOs or synthetic chemicals). This certification guarantees that these products otherwise are natural, conform to the general stipulations of global organic standards and are deemed the “best in their class”.

Ingredients: Purified and structured water, *organic sugar cane molasses, lactobaccillus cultures, mineral powder, sea salt, *organic rice bran, Vanilla Flavour. 

*Certified Organic by ACO