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Sõsar Misty Sea Mud Mask

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 Sõsar Misty Sea Mud Mask is a rejuvenating bioactive face mask tailored for dry and sensitive skin. the mud enhances the skin's blood circulation to eliminate toxins and stimulate natural cell metabolism, enabling oxygen and nutrients to penetrate all layers of skin. This refreshing mask benefits all skin types but especially soothes sensitive skin, doubling also to relieve sunburn. 

Peloid, commonly known as healing mud, has an ancient history in use for health and cosmetics, used extensively in the Mediterranean and Nordic countries. Dead sea mud is the most famous type of peloid, but Estonian mud features an even wider variety of active ingredients suited to weekly skin care and especially in colder climates. Sõsar uses Haapsalu mud, use of which dates back to the 19th century when it's healing properties where first discovered. Healing mud is no ordinary mud; selected for ratio of its components, namely hydrogen sulphide, carbon saturated sea water, dissolved phosphor, carbon dioxide and ferric compounds, organic substances and silicates, the mud is excavated from mineral deposits deep within the Haapsalu gulf for this purpose.  

Healing mud is deep cleansing, moisturising and acts as a gentle scrub when used cosmetically. The micro-elements and minerals such as humin and fulvic acids enhance your skin's blood circulation, drawing out toxins and accelerating the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the applied area. The mask improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates cells and decelerates ageing, leaving you with a healthy, glowing complexion. 

Instructions for use: Attain a beautifully glowing complexion in just 10-15 minutes a week. Apply to the face in a generous layer, without allowing it to dry. Rehydrate with water if it does dry. This mask smells funky at first without doubt as the mud is used for its beneficial properties to skin rather than to tantalise the senses, but the scent evaporates after a short time. Use whilst in the bath or even the sauna as the Estonians do.  

Size: 90 g

Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

100% natural and organic ingredients

Ingredients: organic peloid (healing mud)