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Sõsar Sacred Forest Peat Mask

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 Sõsar Sacred Forest Peat Mask is a deep cleansing, bioactive face mask that balances skin and stabilises oil production, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin. The mask helps to decelerate the ageing process and effectively removes toxins, leaving skin soft, toned and smooth. Peat exfoliates dead skin cells whilst nourishing and moisturising skin. It can also be used on fragile, cracked skin and to treat skin infections. It also reduces hair loss, stimulates new hair growth and treats dandruff when used on the scalp, making this peat mask especially suitable for men. 

Balneology is the study of the therapeutic and medicinal qualities of cosmetic peat, healing mud and thermal springs. Peat's balneologic effects have been studied and implemented for over 200 years, with Ukraine and Germany leading the way and Estonia and Belarus focusing on humin, peat's active ingredient. Cosmetic peat is carefully selected from a certain layer of peat that lays deep underneath bog lakes.

Sõsar ensures that the peat contains a large proportion of bioactive substances, fully decomposed microorganisms, and a special mineral deposit full of fulvic, humic and hymatomelanic acids. The ratio of these humic substances is the most criteria and has slightly different mineral, metal and vitamin properties to peat, yet together they create synergy and enhance the overall effect. Humic acid, when absorbed through skin, enhances blood circulation and draws out toxins and heavy metals. Estonian peat has a humic substance ratio of up to an amazing 60% versus Finnish peat's average of 20%. Peat is ecologically clean; Sõsar uses excavation areas that are below minimum pollution rates. 

Instructions for use: Attain a beautifully glowing complexion in just 5-10 minutes a week. Apply to the face in a generous layer, without allowing it to dry. Rehydrate with water if it does dry to stop the mask drawing moisture from your skin. Use whilst in the bath or even the sauna as the Estonians do.  This product can be used on face, scalp and body. Store in a cool, dark place.

Size: 90 g

Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

100% natural and organic ingredients

Ingredients: cosmetic peat