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Sõsar Sweet Honey Soap

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 Sõsar's soft and mellow honey soap is an excellent multi-tasking hand and body soap, featuring honey to nourish skin and leave it silky smooth. With its nourishing and moisturising formula, it is perfect for dry, delicate and sensitive skin and especially suitable for small children, but indeed also suitable for all skin types.

Sõsar products use local high quality honey and beeswax from Artisan Honey. Estonia is a perfect place for beekeeping with its sparse population and rich ecosystem. As much as half of the country is covered with forests, which guarantees excellent natural conditions and hence the high quality and purity of Estonian honey.

The harsh Estonian climate preserves all that is valuable within to survive the cold winters; the Nordic honey is like incarnation of that magical strength.The honey used in Sõsar is from Pandivere, where the bees can feast on willow and dandelion in spring and clover, wild raspberry and fireweed in the summer. The honey is packaged and processed with great care to preserve its bioactive qualities and with that, the great healing abilities of honey.

Heating honey up to high temperatures makes it loose its natural ability to crystalise, yet it is the most important visual sign of its quality. There are not many types of honey that do not naturally crystalise within a few weeks. The widely spread cheap and runny honey in the supermarkets consists mostly of artificial sweeteners and do not have the healing abilities of natural honey. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks claimed honey to be the food of Gods: the source of strength and energy, sweetness and remedy. Honeybees collect nectar from millions of flowers to produce just one kilogram of honey.

Instructions for use: Use daily in the bath or shower to cleanse and hydrate your skin

Size: 100 g

Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.

100% natural ingredients

Ingredients: linum usitatissimum seed oil (linseed oil), Adeps sullius (lard), Cere Alba (beeswax), Sodium hydroxide, Mel (honey), Aqua (water)