Sõsar is an Estonian brand created by three women with diverse talents. Inspired by the perfect harmony of their incredible Nordic nature, Sõsar means 'sister' in ancient Finno-Ugric language, representing the love and care we have for one another as well as for the environment surrounding us. Sõsar create cosmetics with love while respecting and cherishing the cycle of their Nordic nature by only using sustainable resources, Nordic plants and carefully selected essential oils. Each product uses recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging to preserve the beauty surrounding us. Ingredients are sourced from small local farmers to support the communities who have dedicated their lives to organic farming.

Sõsar creates products using their ancestors' secret recipes and local folk medicine, combined with modern day science. The ancient untouched forests, mystical bogs and quiet beaches are like wonderful temples to gather our strength, health and inspiration. Sõsar has captured that incredible Nordic nature into a jar so that no matter how far, you too could feel the magic of our magnificent nature.

Sõsar's story began with three young ladies, whose dream was to create cosmetics they could completely trust. They decided to combine their skills, knowledge, and passion for organic products with varied skill sets in Estonian Folk Medicine, aromatherapy, chemistry and organic products to utilise the gifts of nature, helping your skin look healthy and beautiful. 

Sõsar's ingredients come from small local farmers, focusing on certified organic farms, whilst supporting the local community and small businesses so that they would be encouraged and motivated to use and promote organic farming principles now and in the future. Using the best plants, oils, honey products and other natural resources that are well known for their excellent cosmetic qualities, Sõsar creates amazingly therapeutic skin care products with magical Nordic energies from nature that combine the ancient wisdom of their ancestors about the healing properties of Nordic plants with the knowledge of modern science. The Estonian ecosystem is so well preserved that their wild herbs and plants are naturally pure and free of any chemicals.

To help you better understand the complicated world of cosmetics and skin care and for you to know exactly what each of your products contains, Sõsar has listed all the ingredients clearly, using both Latin names and their colloquial names. 

Sõsar selects their packaging based on not only what is best for the person using our products, but also for the environment surrounding us. Plastic packaging can contain harmful chemicals, which can contaminate the products and through that our bodies as well. Plastic packaging is also a major source of pollution in the world hence we have chosen to avoid using it in Sõsar packages.

Sõsar paper and cardboard packages are made by small local businesses.

The paper used in them has FSC certificate, by which we can guarantee that the forest where the trees for the paper are taken from is managed environmentally and financially sustainably and in a socially responsible way. All Sõsar boxes and containers used to transport our products or ingredients are reused and recycled.

Sõsar's glass packages are also recyclable and do not contain any harmful chemicals, which is guaranteed with the producers certificates. Sõsar have chosen local European producers to reduce the carbon dioxide generated by transportation of the goods.