Zao Makeup isa French brand of professional quality organic and vegan cosmetics packaged in sustainable bamboo. This complete range of organic makeup and skincare is certified by Ecocert. ZAO is an animal cruelty-free range, certified by PETA. 

Zao uses bamboo for both its packaging and as a bioactive ingredient due to its high content of silica, which is required for collagen and elastin synthesis.

Zao beauty products do not contain any petrochemicals, not even as  preservatives, using instead micronised silver powder. The brand is also free of nanoparticles, GMO and gluten.

Zao refill system: the refill systeallows you to save money whilst being more eco-friendly, reducing environmental impact through reduced packaging waste.  Refills can then be purchased, which slot into the bamboo case. This also allows you try out different colours in a more cost-effective manner.