Miessence Aroma Free Deodorant - Original Formula Back In Stock!

Miessence Aroma Free Deodorant - Original Formula Back In Stock!

5th Aug 2017

In 2016, Miessence changed the formula of their Aroma Free Deodorant to cater for a small portion of super sensitive customers who could not tolerate the highly effective bicarbonate of soda formulation, even withstanding the absence of essential oils. This new formula uses Milk of Magnesia for its effective deodorising properties and soothing, irritant-free properties. 

However, Miessence under-estimated the popularity of the original scent free, bicarbonate of soda formula and so have brought it back to run alongside the new Aroma Free, which has now been renamed Ultra Sensitive Milk of Magnesia Deodorant.

Therefore, those of you who were left bereft at losing the highly effective and scent free formula can now enjoy the maximum deodorising effect of the original bicarbonate of soda product. This means that now all customers can enjoy highly effective deodorants, regardless of individual sensitivities. 

So, if you are one of those who finds that bicarbonate of soda can irritate sensitive underarms, try the Milk of Magnesia formula. If you are not sensitive to bicarbonate of soda but prefer unscented deodorants, then try the original formula Aroma Free as general consensus is that the bicarbonate of soda formula cannot be beaten.